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About Chichen Itza Night Show

The Chichen Itza night show involves a light and sound presentation revolving around the historical ruins of Chichen Itza in the state of Yucatan in Mexico. At the main focal point of the Chichen Itza ruins, stands the Great Pyramid of El Castillo dazzling through the night. Visitors start their guided journey by walking through the ruins and taking photographs while absorbing the birth and death of one of the most refined civilizations ever known to mankind. All the buildings are illuminated with vibrant lights forming an ethereal atmosphere. The main show takes place at the Kukulkan Temple for a duration of 30 minutes. You can sit or stand while enjoying the show. It tells the stories about love, war and death of the Mayan Civilisation. It is a surreal experience to see the ruins under the night sky. Visitors should not forget to collect the IPods that are handed out as audio guides before entering the archaeological site of Chichen Itza.

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Chichen Itza Light & Sound Show 'The Kukulcán Night'

This journey starts with a trip from the meeting point or major hotels along with drinks and snacks on board. The first stop of this 12 hour long Chichen Itza Night show is a UNESCO creative site called Valladolid, followed by a trip to the Chichen Itza ruins. The tourists from there are then taken to the Cenote to enjoy a relaxing swim with a delicious authentic Yucatecan buffet before returning to the Chichen Itza night show. The main event includes a mesmerising light and sound show 'Noche de Kukulcán' at the Chichen Itza Mayan historical site. The experience ends with a delectable dinner on the way back to the dropping point or the hotel.

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Chichen Itza Tour & Night's of Kukulkan

The first stop of this 12 hour journey show de luces chichen itza is the Cenote Hubiku. The second stop is the Museo Del Tequila DON TADEO, where the visitors will have a chance to taste the purest and strongest tequilas. Next the tourists will stop at the Chichen Itza to experience the "Noches de Kukulkan" event for one hour which is the highlight of this tour. The journey finally ends with a visit to Valladolid for 45 minutes before arriving at the drop off location. During this tour, visitors will also be offered an array of authentic Mexican food, desserts and salads.

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Live the Magic Experience at Chichén Itzá Night + Cenote + Valladolid

This 13 hour long experience begins with a trip to Cenote Hubiku, which houses a number of Hubiku letters. The second stop of the tour is the Museo Del Tequila DON TADEO where tourists can enjoy different kinds of tequilas, from generic to modern like coffee while Ranchera music plays in the background. You can then go ahead and explore the lifestyle of the Hubiku village people. Next you will be taken to Valladolid where you can enjoy the views of the magnificent temples, churches and buildings located before the main square. The last stop is the Chichen Itza historical site which hosts the renowned light and sound show. This tour also includes travelling in an air conditioned vehicle and an extravagant spread of Mexican food.

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What To Expect From The Chichen Itza Night Show Experience?

Visitors can expect an awestrucking light show experience from the show de luces chichen itza for approximately 25 minutes. It will also consist of a self-guided tour in which you’ll discover the remnants of the ruins for about 45 minutes to experience the most of this famous Pyramid. You are advised to wear comfortable clothing and footwear to move around with ease. It is also recommended that you bring bug spray to help with the pests on the open ground. The entire tour takes around 2 hours including the half an hour light and sound show. Visitors are required to reach the destination at least half an hour before admission. You can expect this light and sound show everyday of the week except Mondays. The show takes place in the evenings but show times differ depending on the seasons.

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Know Before Your Chichen Itza Night Show

  • Purchase the tickets for the light and sound show of Chichen Itza online and enjoy several benefits like cost savings and confirmed slot on your preferred date.
  • Visitors are advised to bring their own headphones.
  • Reach the destination half an hour before the starting time.
  • Try to spend the night in a nearby hotel to avoid going back, as it can be difficult to avail transport after 9 pm.
  • Since the ground is not level, it is suggested to wear comfortable shoes for walking around the grounds.

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The light and sound show of Chichen Itza starts around the evening, after sunset. You can enter the premises at 8 pm and explore the ruins for some time before settling down to watch the half an hour audio - visual show. The entire event takes up 2 - 3 hours and we strongly recommend you to reach the venue half an hour prior to your arrival time.

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Here are a few fascinating facts about Chichen Itza:

  • The Chichen Itza shows impressions not only of the Mayan Civilisation but also of the Toltecs.
  • Chichen Itza is named after a Cenote located nearby.
  • The main Pyramid houses a number of smaller pyramids.
  • The construction of the Chichen Itza was based on astronomy.
  • Chichen Itza hosts the largest ball court in America.
  • The inhabitants of Chichen Itza promoted gruesome death habits.

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FAQ's Of Chichen Itza Night Show

What time is the light show at Chichen Itza?

The Chichen Itza night show takes place every day of the week except on mondays after sunset. The show involves light and sound effects and starts after sunset for the enhancement of the audio - visual presentation. Visitors are asked to arrive at least half an hour before the event starts, so they could explore for a while before sitting down for the show.

Do you need tickets in advance for Chichen Itza?

It is strongly suggested that you book tickets online before arrival to procure the best seats of the show without having to wait in the line for hours at the ticket counter on site. Spectators can gain access to the show de luces chichen itza only if they purchase tickets.

Can you go to the Chichen Itza night show without a tour?

Yes, you can go to the light and sound show de luces Chichen Itza without a tour of the ruins of the archaeological site. In order to view the audio visual show, tourists must reach the venue on time, i. e., half an hour before the starting time. It is also not necessary for you to visit the ruins in the morning to be able to gain access to the evening show as you can purchase the morning and the evening tickets separately.

How much do Chichen Itza tickets cost?

The general admission Chichen Itza tickets cost around 571 MXN for adults and around 85 MXN for children (3-12).


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