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Chichen Itza, is one of the most outstanding heritage attractions that one can explore in their tours of Mexico. This fabulous wonder of the world was discovered in the 19th century and narrates the story of ancient Mayan culture and some of the most fascinating facts about them shaping the entire new civilisations. With sky high pyramids, various courts, about 26 Mayan ruins, astronomical discoveries and more, one is sure to have a time of their lives discovering this fabulous wonder of the world. Whilst on your tour, you will discover that the main Mayan Ruin is the Chichen Itza Pyramid or El Castillo. Some of the other creations of the Mayan civilization that still prevail are El Caracol or Observatory, The Temple of The Warriors and the Mayan Ball Game.This attraction in Mexico is renowned to receive 2,500,000 visitors every year. The Chichen itza becomes extremely magical to observe during the night. The light and sound show at Kukulkan pyramid is a sight to render once in your life. This archeological site has a myriad of intriguing Chichen Itza Facts such as human sacrifices to Mayan God, serpent shadows, echoes across the halls and more. You will have plenty of opportunity to even climb up the pyramids and enjoy a glimpse of the entire stretch of the stone paradise.

Chichen Itza Facts

  • Established as a UNESCO heritage attraction in the year 1988, Chichen Itza made its way in the list of the seven wonders across the world, which is one of the most inspiring Chichen Itza Facts.
  • Another interesting Chichen Itza Facts is the name of the attraction and how it was derived. It is referred to as ‘water magicians’, in which Itz refers to water and ‘a’ as magic.
  • Chichen Itza has a very ancient and complex design that makes it an intriguing attraction to explore. The Mayan people, which are the real creators of this heritage site, are natives of Central America, and their inspired subjects such as maths, art, architecture, astronomy and calendar are still in use today.
  • One of the most interesting discoveries in Chichen Itza is of human bones. This made archaeologists believe that the ancient civilisation used human sacrifices to Mayan God. One can discover many such thrilling Chichen Itza Facts in their journey.
  • Chichen Itza is quite famous for its unusual sounds. In one class at one end of the ball court, the echo produced can be heard upto to middle of the court. Discover a myriad of such hair raising facts about the mysterious yet wonderful beauty right in the middle of Central America.

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History Of Chichen Itza

One of the most important archaeological sites is Chichen Itza, located in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. As per the Chichen Itza History, the so-called water sorcerers created it in the fifth century AD, and it continues to be a sacred city and a major Mayan pilgrimage site. The deep jungles of Chiapas, Guatemala, Yucatán, Honduras, and Belize were the setting for the Mayans' development of one of humanity's most intriguing and mysterious societies. Despite the unfavourable conditions for urban development at the time of their settlement, they managed to attain remarkable splendour. The ancient Mayans built towns in the south of our time between the third and tenth centuries, including Palenque, Tikal, Quiriguá, Copán, and Piedras Negras. These cities were ruled by enigmatic and divine monarchs who are known to have waged constant war.Up to the middle of the ninth century, when these cities were abandoned and the people restructured into small rural centres or moved north. And they built sophisticated courts in which they cultivated the arts and sciences. Around this time, the Mayans established new settlements on the Yucatan peninsula, many of which included elements of central Mexican architecture. The most significant of these is Chichén Itzá, a city located 1,500 kilometres away in central Mexico whose structures and sculptures are evocative of Chichén Itzá.

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Timing And Best Time
Location And How To Reach
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Timings: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Best Time: The best time to visit this historical attraction is during the winter months. With the cold breeze and low chances of rainshowes, one can take a full dig into the various sections of the attraction. The ball court, temple of warriors, night sound and light shows can be best enjoyed during relaxing evening hours with your friends and family.

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Location: Yucatan, Eastern Mexico

How to Reach: Here's a detailed guide on how to reach Chichen Itza in Mexico:

  • By Car: If you wish to travel by car then you can take the highway from Cancun to Vhcien Itza which is about 197 kilometres and takes about 3 - 4 hours. The lane is pretty straightforward and the sign boards will help you along the way. Make sure to hire a guide who will help you throughout your tour.
  • By Bus: Every day at 8:45 a.m., the ADO bus company provides transportation from the ADO station in downtown Cancun to Chichén Itzá. A bus for the return trip leaves at 4:30 p.m. from the archaeological site.

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  • It is highly recommended to visit the site early, at around 8AM. Since the attraction gets pretty crowded at 10am, therefore earlier entry will give you a full advantage to explore the site.
  • The Sky High pyramids look over the entire region around. If you want to get a better look for this thousand year old heritage attraction, then try to climb the pyramids for a better understanding of the chichen itza historia.
  • Chichen Itza and the rest of the country are one hour behind Cancun and Quintana Roo states from October to April. You should make sure that you try to visit this site earlier in the day.

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  • Around Chichén Itzá, there are a variety of dining establishments that may accommodate different tastes and budgets. Among the top places to eat are Pueblo Maya, Hotel Okaan, Luna Cafe, and Hacienda Chichen.
  • Visitors can pay a fee and leave their large luggage and carry-ons at the designated rented lockers.

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FAQ's Of Chichen Itza

When is Chichen Itza open?

The Chichen Itza remains open on all days of the week from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM. If you want to learn about Chichen Itza History, it is suggested to visit the attraction in the morning hours to avoid crowds.

How tall is The Pyramid of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza?

The Pyramid of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza is around 24 m (79 ft), without temple 30 m (98 ft), with temple 6 m (20 ft). It was constructed between the 8th and 12th centuries and the primary material used for construction was limestone.

How much do Chichen Itza tickets cost?

The Chichen Itza tickets cost around $571 MXN for adults, around $85 MXN for children aged between 3 to 12 years. The tickets cost around $253 MXN for Mexican Citizens and with Yucatan ID, the prices of the tickets get reduced to around $85 MXN.

What is Chichen Itza?

The Chcien Itza is one of the most interesting attractions present in Mexico which attracts thousands of people who are intrigued to get a look of this wonder. Dating back to about 1000 years, this heritage attraction is the living, breathing proof of the Mayan people and the civilisations. Visit this structure and learn about ancient astronomical beliefs and thrilling Chichen Itza Facts. Learn more about Chichen Itza historia which attracts history buffs.

When was Chichen Itza built?

Chichen Itza was built in the early 400s A.D. which is between 1050 and 1300 CE. While the rest of the Maya population was declining, the Toltec-Maya most likely constructed Chichen Itza. Along with Kukulcán's descent, it is well-known for its connection to the Maya calendar. A 91-step staircase may be seen on each of the pyramid's four sides.

How far is Chichen Itza from Cancun?

Cancun lies at a distance of about 122 miles from Chichen Itza. It takes about 3 - 4 hours to cover the distance by road.

When was Chichen Itza discovered?

The outstanding discovery of Chcien Itza was made in the year 1841. As per the report, it was discovered by two great explorers Frederick Catherwood and John Lloyd Stephens.

How much is a Tour to Chichen Itza?

A chichen Itza tour can cost around 40 dollars and guided tours can cost between $40 – $400 or even more. The price depends on what sights they include and whether they are private, small group, or large group tours. In this tour you will not only witness the ancient infrastructure but also learn about the Chichen Itza historia.

Where is Chichen Itza located?

It is located right in the middle of Central America, Mexico.


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